About Exceptional Artists Foundation

Our Vision

Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disability; 20% of that population have mental / developmental disabilities. Since 1990s, their earnings have been lowered by $6000 and their employment rates are 10% lower than people without special needs. 

Exceptional Artists Foundation was formed to empower the disabled population by providing individuals the tools, support, and outlet to live an expressive, passionate, purposeful and happy life. To accomplish our goal, we create events and initiatives to draw awareness about the Exceptional Artists' talents, develop a market place to sell their artwork to foster independence, and fund arts education, therapy and training programs.

Our Programs

  • Arts Fairs and Community Events: Celebrate and raise awareness about the creative talent in the disabled community.

  • Arts Marketplace: Provide artists with disabilities with access to a marketplace to sell their artworks and market their talent. Proceeds will go to the artists for the cost of the artworks and the foundation to fund future arts programs.

  • Advocacy and Education Programs: Provide arts education and technology program to artists with disabilities.